At the Institute, our business is leadership and leadership development. The Institute is a focal point to incubate new thinking to address current leadership concerns.

PLPI membership is ideal for professionals looking for innovative and creative ways to bring about changes in organizations for them to remain competitive in the long run.

In order to register as a student with the Institute, an applicant must hold a qualification not below University degree or its equivalent

To continually keep members abreast of developments in leadership thoughts for leadership effectiveness, the Institute organizes (MCPE) for members.

About Us

Professional Leadership Practitioners Institute Ltd/Gte

Lack of leadership has remained the bane of our society. Today, it is obvious that small changes in behaviors in all sectors are the basis of change in the larger society. Almost all the professions are doing wonderfully well in their own fields. However, it is very critical for all these good works to add up to one thing - advancement in quality of life. This is the difficult part because lots of these changes do not move in the same direction, not coherent, they end up in confusion. It takes leadership to make the changes have beneficial effect.

At PLPI, we focus on helping members identify and develop their leadership skills, professional values and career path through interdisciplinary programming beyond a strictly chosen career context

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PLPI Upcoming Events

1. Educational Leadership Course
Theme: Sharpening Competitive Edge of Private School owners/managers
Date:    Monday 20 - 22 February, 2017
venue:  Crescent Hall School, Ladoke Akintola Street, Ikeja GRA, Lagos for N25,000.00 only per participant

2. Educational Leadership Course to improve quality and standard of education. The three-day course runs from September 12 to 14, 2016 at Crescent Hall School, Ladoke Akintola Street, Ikeja GRA, Lagos for N25,000.00 only per participant

3. A two-day retreat in the 2nd quarter of 2016 for members and prospective members;

4. Eight-weekly sessions will hold during the year for professional membership status. The intention of the retreat is to prepare the ground for the rest of the program and begin to forge bonds among members of the Institute.

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